Best Practice Handbook

CIE handbook

The Cleantech Incubation Policy and Practice handbook is one of the main deliverables of the Cleantech Incubation Europe (CIE) INTERREG IVC project. The project aims to collect and share best practice from the incubation of cleantech start-ups across Europe to foster entrepreneurship, grow the economy, and green our society. While writing the handbook with authors from more than five different European countries, we discovered that this experience of “collective writing” was becoming more than just a formal deliverable of the INTERREG funded project. The experience itself was exciting, and has allowed us to discover the challenges but also the benefits and synergies of pan-European collaboration to integrate knowledge and experience from so many backgrounds, disciplines and cultures. In addition, we believe this handbook has been produced at the right time for all European countries for two main reasons.

The first is that climate change and a reliable and sustainable energy supply require with increasing urgency a clear strategy at a national level but also at a European level. Now is the time to define a strategy that enables Europe to leave fossil fuels as a matter of the past, by minimising their contribution in order to decrease greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and to maximise the contribution of our own renewable energy sources.

The second reason is that the current economic crisis is urging all public authorities in Europe to define clear stimuli to push our economy in a direction where new start-ups and jobs can be created in order to provide social and economic benefits to society. Market forces alone are not enough and efficient public-private partnerships emerge as an important strategy to stimulate innovations and facilitate entrepreneurship and job creation, in particular in the cleantech market. Cleantech start-ups promise to be the win-win opportunity in this direction, with direct environmental, economic and social benefits.

We hope that this handbook, based on best practice and real-life cases from all across Europe, will provide wise advice, best practice (and next-practice) to policy makers and practitioners in cleantech incubation in order to foster a more sustainable society that is taking into account the rights of future generations.

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